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TM1353 - John Deere 4050, 4250, 4450 Tractors All Inclusive Technical Service Manual

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Illustrated Factory Technical Manual for John Deere 2WD or MFWD Tractors

This manual contains high quality images, circuit diagrams, instructions to help you to maintenance, troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair your truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text.

Language: English
Format: PDF, 1671 pages;

Covered models:

This technical manual was formerly TM-1257, The number was changed to TM-1353 when engine information was removed. Some pages still carry the old publication number. For engine information, refer to engine component technical manual, CTM-1, 6466 Engines or to CTM-4, 6359 Engines. This machine technical manual covers removal and installation of the engine components. The component manual covers basic repair of the engine. For main hydraulic pump repair information, refer to component technical manual, CTM-7, Radial Piston Pumps.

       Group 05-Predelivery, Delivery and After-Sale Services
       Group 10-Tune-up
       Group 15-Lubrication
       Group 05-Front Axle
       Group 10-Front-End
       Group 15-Front-End and Engine
       Group 20-Engine
       Group 25-SOUND-GARD® body and ROLL-GARD® Protective Structure
       Group 30-Power Shift Clutch Housing
       Group 31-QUAD-RANGE™ Clutch Housing
       Group 35-Transmission
       Group 40-Final Drives
       Group 41-Hi-Crop Final Drives
       Group 05-Acquire Access to Cylinder Head, Valves and Camshaft
       Group 10-Acquire Access to Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons and Rods
       Group 15-Acquire Access to Crankshaft, Main Bearings and Flywheel
       Group 20-Acquire Access to Lubrication System
       Group 25-Remove/Install Cooling System
       Group 05-Acquire Access to Air Intake System
       Group 10-Acquire Access to Diesel Fuel System
       Group 15-Speed Control Linkage
       Group 05-Harness Replacement
       Group 06-Connector Repair
       Group 10-Remove/Install Delco-Remy Charging Circuit
       Group 11-John Deere Charging Circuit Repair
       Group 15-Starting Circuit Replacement
       Group 25-Lighting Circuit Repair
       Group 30-INVESTIGATOR II™ Warning System and Digital Tachometer Repair
       Group 31-Gauge Cluster Instrumentation Repair
       Group 32-Analog Tachometer Repair
       Group 35-Accessories Circuit Repair
       Group 05-Remove/Install Clutch Oil Pressure Valve Housing
       Group 10-Clutch Oil Pressure Regulating Valve Housing
       Group 15-Clutch Operating Piston Housing
       Group 20-PERMA CLUTCH
       Group 30-4050 and 4250 QUAD-RANGE Planetary
       Group 31-4450 QUAD-RANGE Planetary
       Group 35-Eight-Speed Transmission & Charge Pump
       Group 45-Shift Lever Assembly
       Group 55-PTO Gear Train (without MFWD)
       Group 56-PTO Gear Train (with MFWD)
       Group 60-Adjust PTO Clutch Rod
       Group 65-4050 (Trans. Serial No. -006643) Differential
       Group 66-4050 (Trans. Serial No. 006644- ), 4250 and 4450 Differential
       Group 70-Remove/Install Differential Lock Valve and Adjust Lock Valve Release Bar
       Group 75-Differential Lock Valve
       Group 80-Final Drive
       Group 85-Hi-Crop Final Drive
       Group 90-MFWD Gear Train and Clutch
       Group 95-MFWD Axle
       Group 05-Remove/Install Traction Clutch Valve Housing
       Group 10-Traction Clutch Valve Housing
       Group 15-Remove/Install Transmission Control Valve Housing
       Group 20-Transmission Control Valves
       Group 25-Remove/Install Traction Clutch
       Group 30-Traction Clutch and Drive Shafts
       Group 35-Input Planetary
       Group 40-Reduction Gear Train
       Group 45-4050 and 4250 Output Planetary
       Group 46-4450 Output Planetary
       Group 50-Speed Selector Assembly
       Group 55-Charge Pump Assembly
       Group 60-PTO Gear Train with MFWD
       Group 61-PTO Gear Train without MFWD
       Group 65-Adjust PTO Clutch Rod
       Group 70-4050 (Trans. Serial No. -002724) Differential
       Group 71-4050 (Trans. Serial No. 002725- ), 4250 and 4450 Differential
       Group 75-Remove/Install Differential Lock Valve and Adjust Lock Valve Release Bar
       Group 80-Differential Lock Valve
       Group 85-Final Drive
       Group 90-Hi-Crop Final Drive
       Group 95-MFWD Gear Train
       Group 100-MFWD Clutch
       Group 105-MFWD Axle and Final Drive
       Group 05-Remove/Install Power Steering Components
       Group 10-Steering Column
       Group 15-Metering Pump
       Group 20-Steering Valve
       Group 25-Steering Motor
       Group 26-Dual Piston Steering Motor
       Group 30-Steering Assist Cylinders (MFWD)
       Group 35-Remove/Install Brake Valve and Brake Accumulator
       Group 40-Brake Valve
       Group 45-Brake Accumulator
       Group 50-Bleeding Brakes and Testing Brake Accumulator
       Group 55-Brake Pistons, Plates and Disks
       Group 05-Remove/Install Main Hydraulic Pump
       Group 15-Oil Filter Relief Valve Housing (QRT)
       Group 20-Return Oil Filter Relief Valve Housing (PST)
       Group 25-Remove/Install Attenuator
       Group 30-Hydraulic Attenuator
       Group 35-Remove/Install HYDRACUSHIONED Seat Valve
       Group 40-Repair HYDRACUSHIONED Seat Valve Assembly
       Group 45-Pressure Control Valve
       Group 50-Remove/Install Rockshaft Components and Adjust Lift Assist Cylinders
       Group 55-Rockshaft Components
       Group 60-Lift Assist Cylinders
       Group 65-Draft Sensing Components
       Group 70r-Hitch Components
       Group 75-Remove/install SCV Coupler & Levers
       Group 80-SCV and ISO Coupler
       Group 85-Remote Cylinder
       Group 90-Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Thermal Bypass Valve
       Group 95-Transmission-Hydraulic System Cleanup Procedure
       Group 05-Rear Wheels
       Group 10-Front Axle
       Group 05-Air Conditioning System
       Group 06-Air Conditioning System Service
       Group 10-Heating System
       Group 15-Seat
       Group 40-Auxiliary Lighting and Electrical Components
       Group 45-Digital Tachometer Ground Speeds
       Group 62-Auxiliary Trailer Brake
       Group 63-Secondary Brake
       Group 80-Minor Options
       Group 85-Auxiliary Steering System
Type of manual All Inclusive Manual
Models 4050, 4250, 4450
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